Oppaidius Summer Trouble!

A love letter to ’90s japanese videogames. Another summer closed in your room playing games… not this time…? An incredible girl rings at your door, changing your summer forever, or maybe your entire life! This will be just the beginning of a trip in the depths of your obsession for breasts, in a journey to return to the outside world and to emotions, kept dormant for maybe too long.

  • Pixel art backgrounds with native resolutions and palette from retro-consoles
  • Original music done with an FM-synth chip (Yamaha YM2151) by Luca Della Regina (Xydonia)
  • FOUR guest japanese videogame musicians, including Norihiko Hibino of Metal Gear Solid and Bayonetta fame
  • More than 150 hand-drawn animation frames
  • Uncensored!
  • A “HOT” ultra-secret ending to unlock!