Oppaidius Tropical Cruise!

A visual novel different from the usual… When your friend Jimmy gave you a ticket for a cruise, at first you were almost dubious… then, after getting on the ship, you were quite happy to have listened to him! Angela, the singer, seemed like she came right out of a dream, and when you met her, nothing was going to be like the way it was before…

  • Various bizarre characters animated with more than 200 hand-drawn frames
  • A story worth almost 20k words, with many surprises!
  • Angela is indeed beautiful, but… will there be another girl to interact with as well…?
  • Lots of laughs!
  • Japanese guest musicians! Masashi Kageyama from Gimmick! and Tsuyoshi Kaneko of Yakuza saga and SEGAGAGA fame!
  • A fun set of Steam achievements to pursue!
  • Lots of laughs!
  • Original music score done with an FM-synth chip (Yamaha YM2151) by Luca Della Regina (Xydonia)
  • Pixel art backgrounds with native resolutions and color palette from retro-consoles